The Book

Imaginary Affairs

Life has been a wild and wonderful ride for Mallory Hill. That is, up until her husband’s sudden death, leaving her to carry on alone with the life they had created together.

After months of running with the wrong crowd, dating inappropriate men, and listening to conflicting advice from her gang of girlfriends, Mallory is finally ready for a major lifestyle change.

With a big birthday fast approaching, she jets off to Thailand for some much needed celibacy and sobriety. But as she is just on the verge of a breakthrough, she encounters the man of her dreams. Best intentions fly out the window and romance races in through the door.

Mallory’s story flits between the exotic Far East, lusty London, and the romantic south of France where she anguishes over her decisions. Is she ready to abandon her married lover, her Sugar Daddy and her Hollywood heartthrob?

In this racy, romantic, romp full of risky situations, fun loving Mallory makes the most of her life, her decisions and all of the resulting complications. Aging disgracefully, Mallory has never been happier. She wouldn’t have it any other way!

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