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Wow! Where to begin? I was born on a naval base and eight months later when the war ended we returned to my mother’s hometown on Cape Cod. I attended the same elementary, junior and senior high school which both my mother and grandmother had gone to and then I graduated from Smith College which by then was a family tradition. I was the youngest student in my class and rather than graduate at age nineteen when I would have had to get down to real life, I took a detour to Athens, Greece, and married Husband Number One, a devastatingly, handsome psychopath from New York City. Eventually we returned to the States and moved to Houston, Texas (like moving to Mars for a New Englander), where we opened one of the first photography galleries in the United States. Photography was just becoming a collectible and the “go-go” years were a great time to live in Houston. What did I know about oil wealth and country western music? Seven years later Husband Number One was killed in an automobile accident. We were both twenty-seven years old.

Fast track to Husband Number Two and a new business venture which we started with the sole intention of building it to sell. Eleven years later we did just that and in 1992, we departed for a ten year trip around the world with the intention of living in many of the places which we had visited. Our itinerant life began in a Tuscan villa midway between Florence and Siena, took us to eleven different countries ranging from all over Europe, Israel, Guatemala and finally Cape Town, South Africa, where Husband Number Two died. Have I mentioned that I am not a lucky bride? On my own, I began freelance writing and became well known for lifestyle, food, wine and travel articles. Apartheid had just ended and South Africans were beginning to travel abroad. They were hungry for recommendations and I was more than happy to jet off to China, Thailand, the South Seas and more. Those were the days when someone else paid for my travel. In retrospect it was great, but after several years of this peripatetic lifestyle, globe trotting was no longer for me. I wanted roots. I decamped to the South of France where Husband Two and I had spent many pleasure filled summers.

After less than two years of this hedonistic lifestyle, I came to the conclusion that all play and no work was making me not only a dull person, but a serious champagne-aholic. Approaching my 50th birthday, I needed to get serious about life which meant another move. I chose London where I knew no one, but where I spoke the language and could easily slide into what all respectable middle- aged women did. I renovated flats, houses, properties of any kind. The UK real estate market was booming and if you bought at the right price in the morning by that afternoon you were already showing a profit. I did up two to three places a year, had my own crew of builders, and was running fast and furious with all the wrong people. Enter my savior, Husband Number Three. I met him at my summer villa in the south of France while looking at property and had what the French call a coup de foudre, or a bolt of lightening to the heart. It was love at first sight. He had recently lost his wife and I had been widowed for eight years. They say a woman grieves and a man replaces. Well, I was replacement wife for him and this year we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. Our life is one ongoing adventure, with lots of travel, homes, his children and our six grandchildren. Although I never had children of my own, I love being an instant grandmother.

Imaginary Affairs is a work of fiction created from stories many of my single girlfriends recounted to me, most after far too many glasses of champagne to count. Any resemblance to actual persons is incidental and unintended.