Month: October 2019

Month: October 2019

Blue Ink Review

Imaginary Affairs  Robin Z. Arkus  Lulu, 212 pages, (paperback) $14.99,  9781684703722 (Reviewed: September, 2019)  In Robin Z. Arkus’ modern-day tale, Imaginary Affairs, an attractive middle-aged woman from America looks for love the third time around.  Divorced, widowed, and now living in London, Mallory Hill decides to celebrate her 50th birthday with a 10-day trip to

Foreward Clarion Review

BOOK REVIEWS IMAGINARY AFFAIRS SEX, DRINKS & GETTING OLDER September 27, 2019 Imaginary Affairs is a champagne-filled romp that navigates love and lust with abandon. In Robin Arkus’s indulgent, humorous, and dramatic romance Imaginary Affairs, a middle-aged woman looks for love after loss. After losing two husbands—one to divorce, the other to death—Mallory finds herself

Kirkus Review

A wealthy widow’s search for love leads to a voyage of self discovery and a plethora of complications in this debut novel. Mallory Hill is a businesswoman who’s experienced a lifetime’s worth of achievement and heartbreaking loss. Born in America, she relocated to Europe, where she built a successful company with her second husband. They