Imaginary Affairs

Buckle up and hang on for a wild ride with Mallory Hill and all of her Imaginary Affairs. It’s sex, drinks & getting older all the way. After Mallory’s second husband suddenly dies, she finds herself on an emotional roller coaster of causal romance, repeated rejection, convoluted complications, and hours listening to just plain bad advice offered up by her gang of girlfriends, all single, divorced or unfaithful wives. Mallory is on the prowl for Husband Number Three.

Imaginary Affairs begins at a chic health spa in exotic Thailand where Mallory is off to celebrate a significant birthday with some much needed sobriety and celibacy while hoping to recover some semblance of stability in her frenetic lifestyle. While there she meets Brad Miller, an elusive Canadian businessman who more than fulfills all of her next-husband-to-be requirements. He ticks all the boxes. After a wild two-day, sex-driven weekend in Bangkok, they part more than just friends with promises to meet two months later at Mallory’s summer villa in the sun drenched south of France.

When Mallory returns to her home in London she tells the whole world that she has finally found the man of her dreams. But can she break it off with her married boyfriend, Michael Graham? Is she really ready to dump her Sugar Daddy who indulges her every whim? What does she do about her handsome Hollywood heart throb and all the dreams she had for the two of them together? And Mr. Mafia, will he ever let her get away? Mallory weighs the consequences of ending all of her affairs as she waits, not so patiently, for her imagined husband-to-be to return from his globe trotting travels. What’s a girl to do? Live, laugh and love. It’s Mallory’s life and she plans to live it to the fullest. Maybe getting older isn’t so bad after all!